Flashmodern what the fuck?


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Empty Hotel

Abandoned Hotel from flashmodern.com on Vimeo.

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The First Ever Schmidt-Sack

And other fun things. In an edit strangely called "Just Another Shit GoPro Video".

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Solo Riding

Filmed on Monday 10th September. Not great visibility at TC, yet still two hours of fun times riding solo in amazing snow.
Song: And the living is easy. GUTS

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It Aint for the Greater Good

2 runs down the Snow Park box run and a 30 minute s-rail session. Good Times doing things that aint for the greater good.
Location: Snow Park NZ
Ski Operator: Mark von Roy
Commentator: Raffael Reggazoni
Filmed by: Pako Bengurel & Dion Newport
Edited by: Goggleman
Produced by: Flashmodern Creatives Ltd
Song: Feeling Good
Band: The Sheepdogs

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Pillow Hunting at Treble Cone

Finally some epic snow at Treble Cone and the surprising discovery of some NZ Pillow lines.
Best day of the season for sure, Monday 3rd of September.
Filmed from Mark von Roy
Song: Just What I am - Kid Cudi feat King Chip

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Bam Productions & Flashmodern at Snowpark

Flashmodern Teamed up with Bam Productions at Snowpark NZ to film something a little different with a bunch of good crew.

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Early Days

Mark, Leith, James & Lyndon pre-season at the Remarkable and early season ski-fahring at Snow Park NZ.

Salem: Better off Alone
Nick Waterhouse: Some Place
NWA: Express Yourself
Will Ferrell: Lady Humps

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Flashmodern Sweater

After a hiatus that was longer than expected, we at Flashmodern have decided to bring out yet another limited edition item of clothing.

This year the limited edition item of clothing will be:
a Crew Type of Sweater, with a "Boat Style" collar and "Special Synonym" Elbow Pads.
the color will be: Black
the sizes will be: Small all the way through the Extra Large
the quality will be: great to awesome
the amounts will be: limited (max 60)
the cost will be: approximately $80NZ (+gst and shipping)

the print will be: you decide
I have come up with 3 different print designs that I kinda like. The most popular one will get printed.
Interested? Why not click on the image below to get a better look.

Please let us (flashmodern) know what design you like the most. The most popular one will most likely be the one that gets printed.
If you are really interested then please let us know that you are, and maybe also let us know what size you would be into.
Email interests and comments to: mark.von.roy@gmail.com

So yeah, tell us what you think.

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Flashmodern Creatives IV: Aki von Roy

Aki is my father. He also paints on the occasion. I like his paintings. This video is of him painting.

This is the final Flashmodern Creatives video edit. Something new shall come instead.

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